Accident & Sickness Insurance

Accident & sickness insurance covers the medical expenses and treatment bills incurred due to an accident or illness. Unlike traditional health insurance, accident & sickness insurance doesn’t come with deductibles or copays. It’s a special insurance coverage that reimburses you in the form of a one-time, fixed cash benefit for your basic medical expenses for the treatment of a covered illness or an injury you have sustained due to a covered accident. Accident & Sickness Insurance also helps you fill the coverage gap in your health insurance policy.

Who are eligible for accident & sickness insurance

People with risky occupations or activities are eligible for accident & sickness insurance, such as:

Athletes in risky sports, like wrestling or boxing.

Workers in risky environments or workplaces, such as construction sites, heavy industries, or chemical factories.

People involved in extreme physical activities, such as lifting heavy objects.

How does accident & sickness insurance work

Accident & sickness insurance works similarly to health insurance, except the former has no specific enrollment periods. You can sign up for an accident & sickness insurance policy whenever you want. Once your insurance policy is started, you must make scheduled premium payments to maintain your coverage.

The claim filing is pretty simple in accident & sickness insurance. For example, suppose you break your arm in a covered accident and visit the doctor who recommends an X-ray. The X-Report shows a fracture that needs to be treated through surgery. In that case, you will file a claim with your accident & sickness insurance provider for surgery expenses. Your insurer will immediately process your claim and pay you cash directly to cover surgery expenses.

What does accident & sickness
insurance cover

Accident & sickness insurance covers all basic and minor medical expenses incurred from covered accidents or illnesses, such as

Hospitalization costs

Emergency services fees

Diagnostic test fees

Cost of rehabilitation sessions

Medical transportation costs


Injuries and sicknesses covered by accident & sickness insurance include:

Broken bones
Muscle sprains or strains
Joint dislocations
Head injuries
Eye/ear injuries

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